SAMSUNG New TVs Comes with NFT Marketplace Features

Promote, buy and showcase your NFTs on your new Samsung TV screen in 2022.

Photo by Babak on Unsplash

Non-Fungible tokens are minted and purchased on NFT marketplaces but limited to our phone screens and PC screens until now.

Samsung announced the incorporation of a new NFT aggregation platform for some of the new 2022 launches, like the MicroLED TV, Neo LED TV and The Frame TV.

In the coming months, we'll experience a more enhanced and digital pleasing way of showcasing our NFTs to the world.

This is an exciting opportunity for NFT owners and collectors to sell NFTs, browse and buy NFTs, and showcase distinctive collections on a flat-screen.

Buyers have the liberty to check the NFT history and blockchain Metadata before any NFT purchase.

Samsung also assures NFT owners an unaltered display of NFT quality through smart calibration. This means you don't need to worry about poor quality displays on the TV screen. The NFT quality will be the same as the created version on your phone screen.

The awestruck growth of the NFT space in 2021 created an optimistic impression of what is to come from this space.

We've seen various powerhouses from different industries catching up In this wild-growing market—Non-Fungible Token.

This new feature from Samsung is another milestone for the NFT space and the people In its community because it creates an open floor for wider innovative adoption by display companies in the world.

Photo of the NFT marketplace display on a TV screen

We've seen NFT displayed on digital billboards, now, we're edging closer to having it displayed on our big screens, one can only wonder about the trajectory of this space.




CONTENT WRITER in the DEFI and NFT space.

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CONTENT WRITER in the DEFI and NFT space.

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